Thursday, March 3, 2011

That sad-sick feeling..

Yep that sad-sick feeling. I won't even lie.  I honestly got it for the first time yesterday since I have been here.  I miss family, friends, Mom's food, and well I guess that is code for homesick.  I've been away from Kolton longer that I have been away from my parents.  (Now that is sad and a little pathetic).  But that was a totally different level of sad-sick feeling. 

I thought I would feel it sooner than this..But we got here and I was always doing something either with boxes or cooking or just playing with Addison.  I thought to myself, this is definitely not as bad as I thought it would be. Especially with all of this amazing technology. Skype and our trusty cell phones...(although half the time I don't know where mine is) I don't know what I'd do without it! I got to the point where I was like pch..I don't even think I'll get home sick. (wrongo)
I spoke to my Mom yesterday, Scott and Jep are in town with my niece, Alyssa and my nephew Ben... My beautiful sissy Tracy is home, Jared and Jen are there...Nadine, David an Carter.  Obviously my Mom and Dad...  All under one fun wii playing roof, may I add chocolate cake(tear)...  Only Troy, Kolty, Addie and I were missing.  All my "people" That's when I would rather just not hear all the fun details.  But I'm glad I felt it.  (No I didn't ball hysterically or anything) Just had that inner gut punch feeling with an almost a tear in the eye. It's good though, because it means we have people.  

I love my family, all the Wagner's and all the VanWinkle's.  I don't know when we get to come home to visit.  But I love you guys so much and we are SO lookin' forward to good ol' Show Low :)
Don't get this wrong! I love it here. I love being able to finally be a little family of our own.  We have a blast together.  It's so cute how excited Addison gets when she sees her Daddy, and I've noticed I get just as excited. lol I love my gorgeous husband and baby girl, I mean come on look how sweet they are :) 


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