Thursday, March 24, 2011

oops..random babble

Ignore the last accidental post! I pressed control p think it was it was control post..ugh my bad

This post doesn't actually have a point to it, just for journaling stuff for Kolty and I to remember when we are old.  In otherwords not that exciting! funny story, during our daily scripture study Kolton out of nowhere while he was reading said(in his Josh Turner sexy voice),
"Behold, my beautiful wife, I say unto you, I love you."
hahahaha it was funny, and sweet.  But then we just started saying everything in scripture talk form.  For example:
  And it came to pass that our daughter did begin to grow hair, and the hair thereof was exceedingly fine.  And she laugheth not at the jokes of her parents. (I was laughing forever!!)
I do not write save it be that which is pleasing to my faithful nonexistent blog readers.  (what if we really did talk like that!!
It must needs be that we go down to the commissary that we may obtain food for the sustenance of our family.
-Anyway we came up with a lots of funny stuff, try to have a whole conversation like that..It's entertaining!
But on to Addison.  Poor lil one had to get shots again on Tuesday, and had her 6 month well check.
Her face was like she knew the shots were coming:(
She is doing great, healthy little girl!  15lbs(that's where baby girls at 6 months normally are) and can do everything on the checklist. She is starting to grow hair for real! Not too visible in pictures but it's there! lol  Then I got to go to the dentist Wednesday for the first time sadly since maybe sophomore year?  The ladies in there we SO nice they wanted to play with Addie(she was being hilarious I guess)they all just loved her.  That made my appointment fun just being able to relax and know she was with nice ladies..Luckily! I don't have any cavities, but that means I don't get to go back(pathetic but I was looking forward to laughing gas)I don't even know if you can do that while nursing?

Another funny story! Kolton and I took Addie to the BX last night and ate before we did some shoppin.  Well Addison loves sitting in high chairs and ripping apart napkins(and cracking up about it the whole time), I wish I would have recorded it to post! Her laugh is so contagious. (We made everyone want a baby in there)
She is such a big helper in the kitchen!

finally put her pink crocs on!

lol I put her in the wagon at wal-mart and buckled her.She was like okay Mom let's go for a ride!

okay but that's not the story this is..We were walking around the BX Kolty and I weren't even looking at Addison and we hear a"snap!"  Then she screams!  She had pulled her  bow and snapped it in her own face! (one of the workers saw her do it)  As Kolton picks her up and consoles her, we honestly couldn't help but laugh..and laugh
We can't believe how much she is changing, Kolty always tells her you are getting hair with your old age,  your getting even cuter with your old age. You're getting stinky with your old age.  You're getting silly with your old age, you are getting strong with your old age you're getting pretty smart with your old age and so forth it's quite adorable.
Okay..(almost done)  I am SO excited about my calling.  I am the new Relief Society literacy specialist.  I get to find good church books, talks, articles.  Then present them/share them with the sisters..Oooh I have lots of fun ideas and can't wait.  I am open to ideas and help so if you have any talks or books you have read that you feel the need to shoot my way, I'd love that.

Kolton get's to go the temple with all the men in the ward.  Needless to say I'm a bit jealous!  But SO glad he gets to go:) okay I think I'm done babbling!

Our couch comes Tuesday hopefully, we had hoped it was this week.  But no :(
Then maybe I'll actually post pics of everything. I'm also still in the process of sanding and painting stuff so we'll see! But I'm SO done with this futon..

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  1. i was laughing so hard about the scripture talk!!