Thursday, November 4, 2010

brief catch up!

Okay wow so I NEVER blog
but I'm going to do some catch up!!

I got to marry my best friend last year in the Snowflake, AZ Temple.

Best decision I have ever made. No one could make me happier than Kolton.
I'll never forget the special and sacred covenants that we made with each other that day.

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." Kolton and I are perfectly wierd together and I love it :)

I'm proud to be an AF wife, but I don't love them keeping him so far away from me(and him away from us). But seriously anyone who doesn't mind having their hubby away is psycho.(Or they haven't done it for more than a day.) Try months at a time! (or don't, I don't recommend it. It hurts)
I'm just so excited to be with the man I married and say good night and stay together.(yes like the song :)..) We used to say that all the time when we were engaged, as I am sure SO many of you lil newlyweds can relate and totally know what I am talking about.(I guess even not newlyweds ha) Well when we were finally married and were able to it was the happiest time of my life. Being able to wake up to the person I'd be so eager to see the next day(or even wake up and just text I love you), well it kind of feels like that right now. With Kolton being gone, except we ARE married so it just hurts not being aloud to be together. Don't get me wrong I am so grateful that Kolton is doing so well with the AF and learning so much plus getting paid for it is nice. I shouldn't complain, but hey if I didn't miss him that would be even more terrible right? At least we know how strong our relationship is and our love will never change no matter how far friend put this on my wall and I love it so I'm going to share it, its SO true.

We are military girl's.

We take no moment spent together for granted. We hold
onto every touch, caress, kiss, every word. We have memorized the feel
of his skin, his smell, sound of his voice, and we play it over and over
in our minds so that we will not forget. We cry ourselves to sleep ....some nights because missing him hurts so badly, but wake up the next morning,
brush ourselves off, and start a new day with him always on our mind. We make it our duty to be strong so our men can be stronger ♥

Did I mention, the amazing family that I married into? Sheesh, I got more than lucky! I am so blessed, I love all of his family(my family) C: They are truly great people, great examples and have been so good to me. I know that Kolton is the way he is because of his great family... I am so grateful to Kolton for being such an amazing person, husband, an Daddy. Kolton doesn't have a mean bone in his body, so sweet and humble. I could go on and on...(maybe I'll save it for his b-day) He is working so hard, and sacrificing so much. I'm so looking forward to when he gets to be with Me and Addison for good! He is so cute with her, and already such a good Daddy!
Speaking of Addison!
On Sept. 17th my water broke, in the dang dollar tree...yep
crazy thing, when I was supposed to have her the next weekend when Kolton would be home. Well since I had her early, they didn't allow him to come home. But awesomely enough, we got to skype the birth...yep
Then that morning Saturday September 18th! We got to see our precious lil girl, who we were both SO excited to see. I love being a Mom, I love being Addison's Mom. She is so precious, Kolton and I are so blessed to have her. Kolton is in Texas right now for his tech school, he has been gone since May. I have been able to stay with my parents here in Show Low and am so grateful to them. Plus my mom was AMAZING in helping me while I was prego, her and my Daddy both are loving having Addison around. In February we are supposed to be moving to Idaho! Mountain Home, Idaho C:
It will be interesting, we are so excited to be together as a family!But until then, I am just counting down the days until Kolton is done with his tech school! Only 6 more weeks! He gets to come home!!! First time since May! Then we get to be with both of our families for Christmas! I just love everything about the holidays, the food, family, smells, spiritual part, warm fires and you just feel the love that all of it brings.
(alright I babble I know!) hopefully I make a little sense. If not that's fine, I don't think many people will want to read it anyway. But, I love you all! I'll post pics when I go see Kolton next week!