Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Well, 100 down....and around 70 or so to go!(hopefully no longer than that!)

When I knew Kolton was for sure deploying...I began noticing so many tiny things that didn't bother me at all anymore, things that would normally make me a little agitated.-(don't get me wrong I'm not an angry person, I've never yelled at Kolton for anything.)  More of thinking in my mind,” How full does a garbage can have to get before ya take it out?”- agitated. (that was just an example, he was pretty good about doing that for me!
But after he was gone, I began to notice more and more things, good happy things that were absent from our home that I crave to have back!

SO ladies....
Maybe this will help you to appreciate the little things and not let them bother you.
For those of you who have gone long periods of time without your honey whether it's a week, 6 months, a year... I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.  You tend to forget about the junk that just doesn't matter!  Or maybe even miss it!  Then grow to appreciate it.  

To start off...I miss finding hair in the sink from Kolton shaving his face for work.  Yep, gross I know...but I do!
I'd much rather have to clean it, than not have it there at all.  Come on he is in a hurry to the job that provides for our family, because he stayed up late giving me the one on one attention we need after we put the kids to bed.  How can you be mad at that?

Even finding water bottles filled with spit out sunflower seeds in the car weekly. Yep found one in the garage couple weeks ago, melted my heart.  (Yes, it sure did)

Kolty used to work weird hours and get home late at night, so I'd already be in bed. 
Occasionally I would wake up to the sound of his truck door shutting.  Then run to greet him....WELL last month, I was asleep in bed and awoke to the sound of a truck door shutting.  For a couple seconds I felt SO excited that he was home and got up to meet him at the top of the stairs with a KISS! (you know the feeling you get when your hubby gets home!)---- Nope, it's the neighbor’s truck!!  Talk about a smack right in the face, when you realize oh yeah he is at work, but in another country! So he won't be slamming his truck door tonight.

Now I only buy about 1 maybe 2 bags of tortilla chips a month instead of 2 or 3 a week! (Kolty's fave snack)

Our milk, lasts almost two weeks..instead of a couple days.

Juice takes two weeks to drink, instead of two days.

It's so hard when you make a MAN pleasing meal, and no one home to appreciate it.

I won't lie, it's nice being able to have the whole bed to yourself...not lying awake in bed with a snoring animal ...BUT it gets old REALLY fast.  Beds aren't just made for sleeping!
 TMI-sorry, BUT I want a good reason to change my sheets every couple days!
We are married, it’s horrible...terrible....torture.  (Talk about the longest foreplay known to man)
The only person you are allowed to look sexy for..gone.   SO ladies, I'm telling ya.  Have some fun for those of us who can't!! ;)
 moving on-from that subject!

I canNOT wait:
To do his laundry.  Not even joking!  Appreciate every article of clothing you put away for your guy! 

To be in the kitchen washing dishes, and to hear Addison and Lincoln giggling in the living room because their Daddy is tickling them or just being silly.  I can't wait for that sweet sound again.  

To see Addison light up when her Daddy walks in the door from work and her yelling excitedly, "Daddy's HOME!" and then run to him with a hug and kiss! Sweet moments that make you count your blessings.

To be able to sit next to him at church!  The extra set of hands to help wrestle the babies will be very nice!  But honestly, I just want to hold his hand.

Have family prayer and scripture study in the same room! (Although skype is such a blessing!)
To have the Priesthood back in my home daily.

To have my garbage taker outer back! 

To have my driver back, he loves to drive.  I hate it.  We complete one another. In SO many ways.

To share my spicy food with.. (we love spicy food)

Hearing him play the guitar in the next room is definitely something I crave.  

I miss just being around him. He makes me feel safe.  He makes me a better, more patient, loving person.  He never thinks negative.  Kolton is always so easy going and would never talk or think bad about someone, except for when he feels strongly about a topic.  He is not afraid to hold to his values but always respectful.   I learn so much from him...Sometimes he has a sarcastic laugh like Woody on Toy Story...(idk if he knows it, but I love it)  He is so good at movie impressions.  I can't wait, he makes movies way more fun...Even when I don't like them I end up liking them because of HIM.

I miss him reading books to Addison, with the actual voices...he does some mean Sesame Street impressions!

When he is home, the music is always on.. Good music.  I am not the DJ of the family.. Kolton is.
I can't wait for my DJ to be home, the sweet man I married and get to share eternity with. I just want to be in his arms!  

I look forward to being able to have him home for the Holidays!  The extra joy he brings to the table.  I am forever grateful to didn't take a 7 month tech school or deployments to know how much I love him..
But they are always a time to grow together in so many ways. To not worry about the little things. A time to really express your gratitude for one another, more than you would if you were in the same home..  We fall in love over and over again.  Deeper in love.  A deeper love that you don't even think is possible because you love him so much the day you are married.. It just gets better. I didn't believe in soul mates till after we were married.  (that's no lie) I've told him all about it.(but that is for another blog another day)  I'm grateful to have found mine!

Although deployments or anytime away from your spouse is not something we enjoy.  I feel blessed to allow it to bring us together instead of apart.  To be able to have the help of wonderful friends, neighbors, and family.  I am so grateful for our family and for the love we share together.  

Additionally, I need to also say how much strength I have gained in feeling the power of prayer in my own life.  People pray for military families all the time.  I feel blessed to be able to recognize and to feel the out pouring of blessings and strength it gives me to keep my head up.  It's a constant reminder of how much our Heavenly Father loves all of us.  

Don't take the little things for granted.  Take time to compliment one another.  Express your love and gratitude often.  Appreciate your spouse and everything they do for you, or just do, or even don't do.  Love them for it.  

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I can't fully see the light itself yet.  But I can see what it's shining on to see what we have to get through.  We can survive, and we are so blessed for the light and joy Kolton is to our family while he is away and when he is home.
We love you babe!