Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a year!

WOW...yep it's been a whole year since I have last posted a blog....pretty sad!
SO I thought I might wrote just some random life stuff, since I'm too boring to think of anything else right now.  But life has been great!  I'm still loving Idaho, can't believe we have been here over a year.  It's gone by fast for sure. 
So today for the first time I saw Addison as a big sister.  Duh I know she is going to be one whether I see her as one or not.  But this morning as I went into the kitchen to do the morning cereal bowl dishes only to turn around to my cute girl, holding up her cereal bowl up to me like here you go!  It was an "oh my goodness you are getting too big for your britches moment".  My little baby girl, isn't a baby anymore.  Then Brinkley came over with Briley tonight so we could split our Zaycon chicken order.  I found them in the laundry room and said, "probably not a good place for baby girls to play."  So Addison grabs her hand like okay Briley this way!  Like a big sister would do.  I'm so excited to see Addison with little Lincoln.  I know how much I love my siblings and can't wait to see them together, (I dread the fights, and whinning) but I know it's going to be fun!

Guess what!?  We aren't going to be the only Show Low, Arizona kids in MH anymore!  We can't believe it.  Del and Amber Frost are coming here next week.  Kolton and I are definitely excited to have them  so close!  Kolty and Del were neighbors growing up, maybe they'll get to be neighbors again.  It'll be good for Kolty to have a friend that he can go play with and know they he won't be too hung over on a Sat. morning to go golfing!  Then Ricky Newton, a good friend of mine I graduated with is also coming here!  Small world!

This weekend Kolty is working 12's from 8-8, that's like when Addison wakes up to when she goes to bed.  SO LAME.....but at least it's not like that ALL the time, I'd be pretty upset.  She is going to go through daddy withdrawals for sure.

Okay I need to talk about something worth reading about....
I am so grateful for good friends.  I am grateful to have wonderful friends from grade school, high school, college, work, sports. and now my wonderful friends here in Mountain Home that have made living here so much fun.
I definitely miss my friends that I don't get to talk to all the time, but so grateful for being able to keep tabs on each other though technology.  To know they are doing good, and when they are in need of prayers we can know to include them in our prayers.
As for my friends I have met here, it's so nice to have people around that you feel like you've known your whole life.  People you can trust with your kids and not worry and call them for anything.  I definitely miss our families SO much but I'm grateful for the friends we have made here that feel like family.

I am guilty of wanting to jump on a plane last week just so my mom could watch Addison while I get some sleep.  Pathetically, I know it's going to be way worse when Linc comes.  (we can't decide on Linc or Link for the nick name) (we'd love feedback?) I didnt sleep like two nights in a row from just my back hurting SO bad....then with Addison being sick and getting up every hour I thought I was going to die during the day.  I was on a very short fuse that's for sure.  That's when I really want to be closer to family, you don't have the luxury of dropping them off at the grandparents while you can do whatever you want!  Plus I miss our parents company and our siblings.  I can't wait till Jud's homecoming!  But terrified at the same time not knowing when exactly Lincoln is coming.  I'm grateful we get to go though and that Kolty will be able to bless him with all the family there :)  Kolty is going to be 24 next month!  But I guess I'll save that for another blog!

Okay well this is a pretty lame post, probably would have been better off not posting at all.  I didn't even put any of my pinterest projects.
Maybe my next one, hopefully it won't be another year.
 I'm exausted.....Good night!