Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Well, 100 down....and around 70 or so to go!(hopefully no longer than that!)

When I knew Kolton was for sure deploying...I began noticing so many tiny things that didn't bother me at all anymore, things that would normally make me a little agitated.-(don't get me wrong I'm not an angry person, I've never yelled at Kolton for anything.)  More of thinking in my mind,” How full does a garbage can have to get before ya take it out?”- agitated. (that was just an example, he was pretty good about doing that for me!
But after he was gone, I began to notice more and more things, good happy things that were absent from our home that I crave to have back!

SO ladies....
Maybe this will help you to appreciate the little things and not let them bother you.
For those of you who have gone long periods of time without your honey whether it's a week, 6 months, a year... I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.  You tend to forget about the junk that just doesn't matter!  Or maybe even miss it!  Then grow to appreciate it.  

To start off...I miss finding hair in the sink from Kolton shaving his face for work.  Yep, gross I know...but I do!
I'd much rather have to clean it, than not have it there at all.  Come on he is in a hurry to the job that provides for our family, because he stayed up late giving me the one on one attention we need after we put the kids to bed.  How can you be mad at that?

Even finding water bottles filled with spit out sunflower seeds in the car weekly. Yep found one in the garage couple weeks ago, melted my heart.  (Yes, it sure did)

Kolty used to work weird hours and get home late at night, so I'd already be in bed. 
Occasionally I would wake up to the sound of his truck door shutting.  Then run to greet him....WELL last month, I was asleep in bed and awoke to the sound of a truck door shutting.  For a couple seconds I felt SO excited that he was home and got up to meet him at the top of the stairs with a KISS! (you know the feeling you get when your hubby gets home!)---- Nope, it's the neighbor’s truck!!  Talk about a smack right in the face, when you realize oh yeah he is at work, but in another country! So he won't be slamming his truck door tonight.

Now I only buy about 1 maybe 2 bags of tortilla chips a month instead of 2 or 3 a week! (Kolty's fave snack)

Our milk, lasts almost two weeks..instead of a couple days.

Juice takes two weeks to drink, instead of two days.

It's so hard when you make a MAN pleasing meal, and no one home to appreciate it.

I won't lie, it's nice being able to have the whole bed to yourself...not lying awake in bed with a snoring animal ...BUT it gets old REALLY fast.  Beds aren't just made for sleeping!
 TMI-sorry, BUT I want a good reason to change my sheets every couple days!
We are married, it’s horrible...terrible....torture.  (Talk about the longest foreplay known to man)
The only person you are allowed to look sexy for..gone.   SO ladies, I'm telling ya.  Have some fun for those of us who can't!! ;)
 moving on-from that subject!

I canNOT wait:
To do his laundry.  Not even joking!  Appreciate every article of clothing you put away for your guy! 

To be in the kitchen washing dishes, and to hear Addison and Lincoln giggling in the living room because their Daddy is tickling them or just being silly.  I can't wait for that sweet sound again.  

To see Addison light up when her Daddy walks in the door from work and her yelling excitedly, "Daddy's HOME!" and then run to him with a hug and kiss! Sweet moments that make you count your blessings.

To be able to sit next to him at church!  The extra set of hands to help wrestle the babies will be very nice!  But honestly, I just want to hold his hand.

Have family prayer and scripture study in the same room! (Although skype is such a blessing!)
To have the Priesthood back in my home daily.

To have my garbage taker outer back! 

To have my driver back, he loves to drive.  I hate it.  We complete one another. In SO many ways.

To share my spicy food with.. (we love spicy food)

Hearing him play the guitar in the next room is definitely something I crave.  

I miss just being around him. He makes me feel safe.  He makes me a better, more patient, loving person.  He never thinks negative.  Kolton is always so easy going and would never talk or think bad about someone, except for when he feels strongly about a topic.  He is not afraid to hold to his values but always respectful.   I learn so much from him...Sometimes he has a sarcastic laugh like Woody on Toy Story...(idk if he knows it, but I love it)  He is so good at movie impressions.  I can't wait, he makes movies way more fun...Even when I don't like them I end up liking them because of HIM.

I miss him reading books to Addison, with the actual voices...he does some mean Sesame Street impressions!

When he is home, the music is always on.. Good music.  I am not the DJ of the family.. Kolton is.
I can't wait for my DJ to be home, the sweet man I married and get to share eternity with. I just want to be in his arms!  

I look forward to being able to have him home for the Holidays!  The extra joy he brings to the table.  I am forever grateful to didn't take a 7 month tech school or deployments to know how much I love him..
But they are always a time to grow together in so many ways. To not worry about the little things. A time to really express your gratitude for one another, more than you would if you were in the same home..  We fall in love over and over again.  Deeper in love.  A deeper love that you don't even think is possible because you love him so much the day you are married.. It just gets better. I didn't believe in soul mates till after we were married.  (that's no lie) I've told him all about it.(but that is for another blog another day)  I'm grateful to have found mine!

Although deployments or anytime away from your spouse is not something we enjoy.  I feel blessed to allow it to bring us together instead of apart.  To be able to have the help of wonderful friends, neighbors, and family.  I am so grateful for our family and for the love we share together.  

Additionally, I need to also say how much strength I have gained in feeling the power of prayer in my own life.  People pray for military families all the time.  I feel blessed to be able to recognize and to feel the out pouring of blessings and strength it gives me to keep my head up.  It's a constant reminder of how much our Heavenly Father loves all of us.  

Don't take the little things for granted.  Take time to compliment one another.  Express your love and gratitude often.  Appreciate your spouse and everything they do for you, or just do, or even don't do.  Love them for it.  

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I can't fully see the light itself yet.  But I can see what it's shining on to see what we have to get through.  We can survive, and we are so blessed for the light and joy Kolton is to our family while he is away and when he is home.
We love you babe! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a year!

WOW...yep it's been a whole year since I have last posted a blog....pretty sad!
SO I thought I might wrote just some random life stuff, since I'm too boring to think of anything else right now.  But life has been great!  I'm still loving Idaho, can't believe we have been here over a year.  It's gone by fast for sure. 
So today for the first time I saw Addison as a big sister.  Duh I know she is going to be one whether I see her as one or not.  But this morning as I went into the kitchen to do the morning cereal bowl dishes only to turn around to my cute girl, holding up her cereal bowl up to me like here you go!  It was an "oh my goodness you are getting too big for your britches moment".  My little baby girl, isn't a baby anymore.  Then Brinkley came over with Briley tonight so we could split our Zaycon chicken order.  I found them in the laundry room and said, "probably not a good place for baby girls to play."  So Addison grabs her hand like okay Briley this way!  Like a big sister would do.  I'm so excited to see Addison with little Lincoln.  I know how much I love my siblings and can't wait to see them together, (I dread the fights, and whinning) but I know it's going to be fun!

Guess what!?  We aren't going to be the only Show Low, Arizona kids in MH anymore!  We can't believe it.  Del and Amber Frost are coming here next week.  Kolton and I are definitely excited to have them  so close!  Kolty and Del were neighbors growing up, maybe they'll get to be neighbors again.  It'll be good for Kolty to have a friend that he can go play with and know they he won't be too hung over on a Sat. morning to go golfing!  Then Ricky Newton, a good friend of mine I graduated with is also coming here!  Small world!

This weekend Kolty is working 12's from 8-8, that's like when Addison wakes up to when she goes to bed.  SO LAME.....but at least it's not like that ALL the time, I'd be pretty upset.  She is going to go through daddy withdrawals for sure.

Okay I need to talk about something worth reading about....
I am so grateful for good friends.  I am grateful to have wonderful friends from grade school, high school, college, work, sports. and now my wonderful friends here in Mountain Home that have made living here so much fun.
I definitely miss my friends that I don't get to talk to all the time, but so grateful for being able to keep tabs on each other though technology.  To know they are doing good, and when they are in need of prayers we can know to include them in our prayers.
As for my friends I have met here, it's so nice to have people around that you feel like you've known your whole life.  People you can trust with your kids and not worry and call them for anything.  I definitely miss our families SO much but I'm grateful for the friends we have made here that feel like family.

I am guilty of wanting to jump on a plane last week just so my mom could watch Addison while I get some sleep.  Pathetically, I know it's going to be way worse when Linc comes.  (we can't decide on Linc or Link for the nick name) (we'd love feedback?) I didnt sleep like two nights in a row from just my back hurting SO bad....then with Addison being sick and getting up every hour I thought I was going to die during the day.  I was on a very short fuse that's for sure.  That's when I really want to be closer to family, you don't have the luxury of dropping them off at the grandparents while you can do whatever you want!  Plus I miss our parents company and our siblings.  I can't wait till Jud's homecoming!  But terrified at the same time not knowing when exactly Lincoln is coming.  I'm grateful we get to go though and that Kolty will be able to bless him with all the family there :)  Kolty is going to be 24 next month!  But I guess I'll save that for another blog!

Okay well this is a pretty lame post, probably would have been better off not posting at all.  I didn't even put any of my pinterest projects.
Maybe my next one, hopefully it won't be another year.
 I'm exausted.....Good night! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just say it, just do it

Okay, I am terrible.  I always think of nice things to say to people or things to do.  But I hardly ever act on it.  Like on Easter coming home from Church I wanted to give the nice little guy checking ID's at the gate some Easter candy, but didn't because I was afraid he'd think I was weird(okay Kolton was driving, I didn't want to embarrass him ha)  But I think that would have made his Easter a little better, having to work and all.

"I can live for two months on a good compliment." -Mark Twain

I love that, I found it in my old EFY notebook as I was cleaning out some stuff.  It's true, when you hear good things it makes you want to live up to those good things and makes your day, week, or even month a whole lot better.  I know I have blogged about this before.  About being the person to turn someones day around, but we all need reminders.  I know I do, so I challenge the few people that might read this.  Give at least one compliment a day for a whole week and see how it goes. (:

Now I just need to clarify on my last post.  I in no way meant that you have to have babies right away.  I was not intending it to sound like that.  I look up to those who are getting their education first, and doing things they want to do first.  I also look up to those who are able to fight the baby hunger. (I lost the fight ha) It's so smart to do school first then babies, because you would not be able to focus on school as much with a baby that you want to hold all the time. (I did go to school and work, just not as long as most) :) 
I only meant to let people know how enjoyable being a parent is, that babies are SO fun. Just sometimes movies make it seem like your life is over when you decide to have kids and I wanted to correct it.  But I guess everyone knows it's just starting a new chapter.  Anyway--just wanted to clear that up :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

April Nonsense

Addison is down for bed, and Kolton is in Florida for the week.  So I guess it is me and my blog tonight!

I know I go on an on about Addie, but it's for her!

Addison is just such a good baby, Kolton and I feel so blessed.  She is just a down right happy, giggly, fun, cuddly, okay just a seriously good baby.  When people say, "have as much fun as you can before you decide to have kids." I don't know why they say that.   Babies are SO fun!  I know things are easier without babies.  It'd be easy not gaining 30 pounds and pushing something out of your body.(we are lucky to have epidurals)The pioneers giving birth in the snow, ya that's easy!  Like it'd be easy to travel without them.  It's also a lot easier running without having to push a stroller.  A lot of things would be easier, but I think babies make things so much more fun.  But it's like that saying, "I didn't say it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it."  Addison is so worth it.  We are having SO much fun being parents, being able to see her learn new things, grow, eating new things for the first time(hilarious) 
and just seeing her love for life already makes me love waking up to her smiling face!  We love having our little girl and just because something isn't easy doesn't mean you can't love it. 

I think sister Hinckley said that, "Mothering is hard, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it." something to that affect?  
Anyways after you're a wife and a  mother I think you change in a lot of ways. You become a less selfish person.  You aren't always thinking of what you want but what you want for your husband and kids.  Not just want you want to learn, but what you want to learn so that you can teach them something.  Anyway--I love being a Addie's Mom and Kolton's wife.  (Just for the record though, Addison is a way easy baby!)

I know Kolton and I have been away from each other way longer than a week, so I wasn't too worried.  Nothing like 7 months or anything!  But man, I really love having him come home to Addie and I every day.  So it's a little weird...Addison is going to be sick of just Mom all week!   We'll see how it goes!

Easter was great!  Got to take some really cute pictures of Addie after Stake Conference..We got to hear from Uchtdorf and other people(don't remember the names) But it was a good stake conference:)
Then we got to go to my friend Melanie's house (with all her family) for dinner, it was delish and just a dang good day! :)
I feel so blessed to know that my redeemer lives and loves us so much.  So grateful for Christ and his atoning sacrifice that he made for all of us, I love Easter!

We colored Easter eggs Friday night, and to our surprise I dropped one of the last eggs we were coloring and ha well it was a raw egg.  We had colored the wrong carton of eggs!  It was pretty comical, so we got to color a twice as many eggs!

Addie kept trying to eat the eggs and her mouth and tongue turned blue.

talking to her daddy
Can I tell you how much I love thrift stores?  Well I love them, a lot.  Normally when I spend money I get this poopy feeling of whether I should really buy it or not.  But this last weekend Kolty and I decided to hit up one of the local thrift stores.  You know how it's always hit and miss.  Well we hit it at the right time!  We LOVE homemade ice cream and have been craving it big time.  Kind of hard to fill the void when you don't have an ice cream maker.  Anyhow we found one!   We got Marry Poppins, Hurcules, Lion King, You Got Mail,Top Gun, and Rush Hour( VHS but so what! We need movies) all of those and the ice cream maker for 24 big ones! Yep that's all! That is guilt free shoppin'!  I actually felt good about spending money for once, kinda.
cleaned it all up and it looks new! Big 6 quart one!

 Before we got our couch...then after we got it:) it's so nice to sit on :)  I know my walls are pretty bare, but I'm in the process my making some more stuff for the walls and getting better pictures for the frames and stuff so oh well!I don't want to have too much either because if we are moving a lot, might make it difficult!

I love the socks my mom sent ha

Wic presents lol
 oh and............
  • My brother Troy left Saturday for his 6 month deployment, keep him in your prayers pretty please.
  • I love having a brother on a mission, Jud is awesome!  Such a great missionary.  He strengthens my testimony with every letter each week. 
  • Bret is now 16! It's crazy, girls stay away ;) Just kiddin' Bret's a smart boy, I'm not too worried.
  • I'm so excited for summer!  I can't wait to have visitors, mostly because I want you guys to spend time with Addie, she needs her Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunties, Uncles and cousins!!  Hopefully we'll get to fly home for a bit!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

oops..random babble

Ignore the last accidental post! I pressed control p think it was it was control post..ugh my bad

This post doesn't actually have a point to it, just for journaling stuff for Kolty and I to remember when we are old.  In otherwords not that exciting! funny story, during our daily scripture study Kolton out of nowhere while he was reading said(in his Josh Turner sexy voice),
"Behold, my beautiful wife, I say unto you, I love you."
hahahaha it was funny, and sweet.  But then we just started saying everything in scripture talk form.  For example:
  And it came to pass that our daughter did begin to grow hair, and the hair thereof was exceedingly fine.  And she laugheth not at the jokes of her parents. (I was laughing forever!!)
I do not write save it be that which is pleasing to my faithful nonexistent blog readers.  (what if we really did talk like that!!
It must needs be that we go down to the commissary that we may obtain food for the sustenance of our family.
-Anyway we came up with a lots of funny stuff, try to have a whole conversation like that..It's entertaining!
But on to Addison.  Poor lil one had to get shots again on Tuesday, and had her 6 month well check.
Her face was like she knew the shots were coming:(
She is doing great, healthy little girl!  15lbs(that's where baby girls at 6 months normally are) and can do everything on the checklist. She is starting to grow hair for real! Not too visible in pictures but it's there! lol  Then I got to go to the dentist Wednesday for the first time sadly since maybe sophomore year?  The ladies in there we SO nice they wanted to play with Addie(she was being hilarious I guess)they all just loved her.  That made my appointment fun just being able to relax and know she was with nice ladies..Luckily! I don't have any cavities, but that means I don't get to go back(pathetic but I was looking forward to laughing gas)I don't even know if you can do that while nursing?

Another funny story! Kolton and I took Addie to the BX last night and ate before we did some shoppin.  Well Addison loves sitting in high chairs and ripping apart napkins(and cracking up about it the whole time), I wish I would have recorded it to post! Her laugh is so contagious. (We made everyone want a baby in there)
She is such a big helper in the kitchen!

finally put her pink crocs on!

lol I put her in the wagon at wal-mart and buckled her.She was like okay Mom let's go for a ride!

okay but that's not the story this is..We were walking around the BX Kolty and I weren't even looking at Addison and we hear a"snap!"  Then she screams!  She had pulled her  bow and snapped it in her own face! (one of the workers saw her do it)  As Kolton picks her up and consoles her, we honestly couldn't help but laugh..and laugh
We can't believe how much she is changing, Kolty always tells her you are getting hair with your old age,  your getting even cuter with your old age. You're getting stinky with your old age.  You're getting silly with your old age, you are getting strong with your old age you're getting pretty smart with your old age and so forth it's quite adorable.
Okay..(almost done)  I am SO excited about my calling.  I am the new Relief Society literacy specialist.  I get to find good church books, talks, articles.  Then present them/share them with the sisters..Oooh I have lots of fun ideas and can't wait.  I am open to ideas and help so if you have any talks or books you have read that you feel the need to shoot my way, I'd love that.

Kolton get's to go the temple with all the men in the ward.  Needless to say I'm a bit jealous!  But SO glad he gets to go:) okay I think I'm done babbling!

Our couch comes Tuesday hopefully, we had hoped it was this week.  But no :(
Then maybe I'll actually post pics of everything. I'm also still in the process of sanding and painting stuff so we'll see! But I'm SO done with this futon..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Half Birthday!

I can't believe our little girl is a half of a year old today!  I have been so in love with her from the day I found out I was pregnant.  It is crazy to think that 6 months ago I gave birth to her.  Kolton and I knew she was going to be cute, but man! Addison blows us away how precious she is.  She is our perfect little baby doll.  I have learned so much about being a Mom in a short time.  (I know I have lots more to learn)  But the Mother's instinct starts when you find out there is a little human inside of you.  Then after you give birth it's SO weird not having one in your tummy, although you get them in your arms.  It was SO weird waking up and grabbing for my non-existing pregnant belly.  I didn't think I would ever feel un-pregnant.  I'm pretty sure you Mom's know what I'm talking about......anyways!  All back to normal and oh how I love being a Mom.  Looks like I need to start child proofing.  Anytime I turn around and turn back, Addie has something in her mouth or crinkling it with her tiny fingers..(keep your scriptures away from your babies!) lol I got lucky she didn't rip out any pages, just a glue in. I love my glue ins :(  She chewed it to pieces! Little toot is learning to whine and cry when I take things from her(like she thinks I'll give it back or something) although her cry/whine is adorable..nope, sorry Addie girl.

Kolton and I always talk about how we would or should act in certain situations.  Like if we see something that someone does with their kid at the store or at church. We try to see what we would do differently or be like, "go Mom" to each other when they handle it well.  (not in a mean way, we are just trying to learn from others)  We are so grateful to have such good examples to follow.  Our parents, siblings and people in the ward.  We have gone to 4 different families houses since we have been here.  Each time Kolton and I were like yay! They are nice to their kids and to each other.(it's so important) If your mean to your husband your kids probably won't be that kind to you...Because kids are watching all the time.  It's all how you handle situations and I love reading and learning from others.  Like on Kendyl's Blog no use crying over spilled milk and so much more other good stuff (but all in the same sense of things)  

Kolty and I were looking through pictures and it is CRAZY how much Addison has changed in 6 months!!!  This is a poopy collage just thrown together. Hopefully I'll get one done of one month, two month and so on, we will see!

Oh Addison James, how I love you SO...I can't get over how adorable and fun she is.I mean come on, look at all of her epressions although she can't talk yet. She knows what's up.  I know it's definitely going to get more challenging.  But bring it on, I feel so blessed to have her and Kolton.  Kolton is such an amazing Daddy.  Happy Half Birthday to our little baby doll Addie!

I'm so excited for easter..
1. to take cute Easter pictures of Addie
2. DOVE dark chocolate
3.Of course to celebrate the Atonement :) (last but not least)
Camille seriously I can't believe how long it's been since it's been on, it's sad I'm looking forward to the 31st for it to be on again! It's upsetting really.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

That sad-sick feeling..

Yep that sad-sick feeling. I won't even lie.  I honestly got it for the first time yesterday since I have been here.  I miss family, friends, Mom's food, and well I guess that is code for homesick.  I've been away from Kolton longer that I have been away from my parents.  (Now that is sad and a little pathetic).  But that was a totally different level of sad-sick feeling. 

I thought I would feel it sooner than this..But we got here and I was always doing something either with boxes or cooking or just playing with Addison.  I thought to myself, this is definitely not as bad as I thought it would be. Especially with all of this amazing technology. Skype and our trusty cell phones...(although half the time I don't know where mine is) I don't know what I'd do without it! I got to the point where I was like pch..I don't even think I'll get home sick. (wrongo)
I spoke to my Mom yesterday, Scott and Jep are in town with my niece, Alyssa and my nephew Ben... My beautiful sissy Tracy is home, Jared and Jen are there...Nadine, David an Carter.  Obviously my Mom and Dad...  All under one fun wii playing roof, may I add chocolate cake(tear)...  Only Troy, Kolty, Addie and I were missing.  All my "people" That's when I would rather just not hear all the fun details.  But I'm glad I felt it.  (No I didn't ball hysterically or anything) Just had that inner gut punch feeling with an almost a tear in the eye. It's good though, because it means we have people.  

I love my family, all the Wagner's and all the VanWinkle's.  I don't know when we get to come home to visit.  But I love you guys so much and we are SO lookin' forward to good ol' Show Low :)
Don't get this wrong! I love it here. I love being able to finally be a little family of our own.  We have a blast together.  It's so cute how excited Addison gets when she sees her Daddy, and I've noticed I get just as excited. lol I love my gorgeous husband and baby girl, I mean come on look how sweet they are :)