Friday, March 18, 2011

Half Birthday!

I can't believe our little girl is a half of a year old today!  I have been so in love with her from the day I found out I was pregnant.  It is crazy to think that 6 months ago I gave birth to her.  Kolton and I knew she was going to be cute, but man! Addison blows us away how precious she is.  She is our perfect little baby doll.  I have learned so much about being a Mom in a short time.  (I know I have lots more to learn)  But the Mother's instinct starts when you find out there is a little human inside of you.  Then after you give birth it's SO weird not having one in your tummy, although you get them in your arms.  It was SO weird waking up and grabbing for my non-existing pregnant belly.  I didn't think I would ever feel un-pregnant.  I'm pretty sure you Mom's know what I'm talking about......anyways!  All back to normal and oh how I love being a Mom.  Looks like I need to start child proofing.  Anytime I turn around and turn back, Addie has something in her mouth or crinkling it with her tiny fingers..(keep your scriptures away from your babies!) lol I got lucky she didn't rip out any pages, just a glue in. I love my glue ins :(  She chewed it to pieces! Little toot is learning to whine and cry when I take things from her(like she thinks I'll give it back or something) although her cry/whine is adorable..nope, sorry Addie girl.

Kolton and I always talk about how we would or should act in certain situations.  Like if we see something that someone does with their kid at the store or at church. We try to see what we would do differently or be like, "go Mom" to each other when they handle it well.  (not in a mean way, we are just trying to learn from others)  We are so grateful to have such good examples to follow.  Our parents, siblings and people in the ward.  We have gone to 4 different families houses since we have been here.  Each time Kolton and I were like yay! They are nice to their kids and to each other.(it's so important) If your mean to your husband your kids probably won't be that kind to you...Because kids are watching all the time.  It's all how you handle situations and I love reading and learning from others.  Like on Kendyl's Blog no use crying over spilled milk and so much more other good stuff (but all in the same sense of things)  

Kolty and I were looking through pictures and it is CRAZY how much Addison has changed in 6 months!!!  This is a poopy collage just thrown together. Hopefully I'll get one done of one month, two month and so on, we will see!

Oh Addison James, how I love you SO...I can't get over how adorable and fun she is.I mean come on, look at all of her epressions although she can't talk yet. She knows what's up.  I know it's definitely going to get more challenging.  But bring it on, I feel so blessed to have her and Kolton.  Kolton is such an amazing Daddy.  Happy Half Birthday to our little baby doll Addie!

I'm so excited for easter..
1. to take cute Easter pictures of Addie
2. DOVE dark chocolate
3.Of course to celebrate the Atonement :) (last but not least)
Camille seriously I can't believe how long it's been since it's been on, it's sad I'm looking forward to the 31st for it to be on again! It's upsetting really.


  1. hahahaha sarah i stinkin love yoU!! your little girl just keeps getting cuter and i'm so glad things are going well for you in idaho! and i busted up laughing when you said how sad it is to be looking forward to the 31st, but i totally am too, and i'm kind of embarrassed to admit to it! ha!

  2. She definitely knows whats up! So So Cute!