Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just say it, just do it

Okay, I am terrible.  I always think of nice things to say to people or things to do.  But I hardly ever act on it.  Like on Easter coming home from Church I wanted to give the nice little guy checking ID's at the gate some Easter candy, but didn't because I was afraid he'd think I was weird(okay Kolton was driving, I didn't want to embarrass him ha)  But I think that would have made his Easter a little better, having to work and all.

"I can live for two months on a good compliment." -Mark Twain

I love that, I found it in my old EFY notebook as I was cleaning out some stuff.  It's true, when you hear good things it makes you want to live up to those good things and makes your day, week, or even month a whole lot better.  I know I have blogged about this before.  About being the person to turn someones day around, but we all need reminders.  I know I do, so I challenge the few people that might read this.  Give at least one compliment a day for a whole week and see how it goes. (:

Now I just need to clarify on my last post.  I in no way meant that you have to have babies right away.  I was not intending it to sound like that.  I look up to those who are getting their education first, and doing things they want to do first.  I also look up to those who are able to fight the baby hunger. (I lost the fight ha) It's so smart to do school first then babies, because you would not be able to focus on school as much with a baby that you want to hold all the time. (I did go to school and work, just not as long as most) :) 
I only meant to let people know how enjoyable being a parent is, that babies are SO fun. Just sometimes movies make it seem like your life is over when you decide to have kids and I wanted to correct it.  But I guess everyone knows it's just starting a new chapter.  Anyway--just wanted to clear that up :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

April Nonsense

Addison is down for bed, and Kolton is in Florida for the week.  So I guess it is me and my blog tonight!

I know I go on an on about Addie, but it's for her!

Addison is just such a good baby, Kolton and I feel so blessed.  She is just a down right happy, giggly, fun, cuddly, okay just a seriously good baby.  When people say, "have as much fun as you can before you decide to have kids." I don't know why they say that.   Babies are SO fun!  I know things are easier without babies.  It'd be easy not gaining 30 pounds and pushing something out of your body.(we are lucky to have epidurals)The pioneers giving birth in the snow, ya that's easy!  Like it'd be easy to travel without them.  It's also a lot easier running without having to push a stroller.  A lot of things would be easier, but I think babies make things so much more fun.  But it's like that saying, "I didn't say it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it."  Addison is so worth it.  We are having SO much fun being parents, being able to see her learn new things, grow, eating new things for the first time(hilarious) 
and just seeing her love for life already makes me love waking up to her smiling face!  We love having our little girl and just because something isn't easy doesn't mean you can't love it. 

I think sister Hinckley said that, "Mothering is hard, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it." something to that affect?  
Anyways after you're a wife and a  mother I think you change in a lot of ways. You become a less selfish person.  You aren't always thinking of what you want but what you want for your husband and kids.  Not just want you want to learn, but what you want to learn so that you can teach them something.  Anyway--I love being a Addie's Mom and Kolton's wife.  (Just for the record though, Addison is a way easy baby!)

I know Kolton and I have been away from each other way longer than a week, so I wasn't too worried.  Nothing like 7 months or anything!  But man, I really love having him come home to Addie and I every day.  So it's a little weird...Addison is going to be sick of just Mom all week!   We'll see how it goes!

Easter was great!  Got to take some really cute pictures of Addie after Stake Conference..We got to hear from Uchtdorf and other people(don't remember the names) But it was a good stake conference:)
Then we got to go to my friend Melanie's house (with all her family) for dinner, it was delish and just a dang good day! :)
I feel so blessed to know that my redeemer lives and loves us so much.  So grateful for Christ and his atoning sacrifice that he made for all of us, I love Easter!

We colored Easter eggs Friday night, and to our surprise I dropped one of the last eggs we were coloring and ha well it was a raw egg.  We had colored the wrong carton of eggs!  It was pretty comical, so we got to color a twice as many eggs!

Addie kept trying to eat the eggs and her mouth and tongue turned blue.

talking to her daddy
Can I tell you how much I love thrift stores?  Well I love them, a lot.  Normally when I spend money I get this poopy feeling of whether I should really buy it or not.  But this last weekend Kolty and I decided to hit up one of the local thrift stores.  You know how it's always hit and miss.  Well we hit it at the right time!  We LOVE homemade ice cream and have been craving it big time.  Kind of hard to fill the void when you don't have an ice cream maker.  Anyhow we found one!   We got Marry Poppins, Hurcules, Lion King, You Got Mail,Top Gun, and Rush Hour( VHS but so what! We need movies) all of those and the ice cream maker for 24 big ones! Yep that's all! That is guilt free shoppin'!  I actually felt good about spending money for once, kinda.
cleaned it all up and it looks new! Big 6 quart one!

 Before we got our couch...then after we got it:) it's so nice to sit on :)  I know my walls are pretty bare, but I'm in the process my making some more stuff for the walls and getting better pictures for the frames and stuff so oh well!I don't want to have too much either because if we are moving a lot, might make it difficult!

I love the socks my mom sent ha

Wic presents lol
 oh and............
  • My brother Troy left Saturday for his 6 month deployment, keep him in your prayers pretty please.
  • I love having a brother on a mission, Jud is awesome!  Such a great missionary.  He strengthens my testimony with every letter each week. 
  • Bret is now 16! It's crazy, girls stay away ;) Just kiddin' Bret's a smart boy, I'm not too worried.
  • I'm so excited for summer!  I can't wait to have visitors, mostly because I want you guys to spend time with Addie, she needs her Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunties, Uncles and cousins!!  Hopefully we'll get to fly home for a bit!