Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Place, New Base, New House, New Ward...

Alright, so we have been here for about two and a half weeks now and are already pretty impressed with everything.  We feel so blessed to be able to be together as a family now. Our first Sunday attending our new ward, honestly...we freaked out a lil.  There were a million kids, well they definitely outnumbered the adults.  But WOW we love our new ward! (Holy nice people!!) I'm pretty sure everyone said hello to us, asked if we were new in the ward and so forth.  I'm pretty sure we couldn't have felt more welcome anywhere else.  Everyone was SO nice.  I'm looking forward to getting to know the sisters in my ward better..I hope that anytime someone is new in a ward that everyone can feel how Kolty and I felt that day, I know our first ward as a new couple we didn't feel as welcome and it's important.  So I've made it a goal to make sure to do that to newbies and I hope that others in other places make new families feel welcome also.

We are still trying to get settled in our new house.  It's hard! Sheesh, you realize all the stuff that you don't have and boy does it get pricy! We bought a new washer, dryer, printer, and eek lots of pricey stuff..(ouch) But I'm excited about them:)You got to live right? Kolton wants to buy a truck so we can get a ladder and all of the other big things you need when you have a house. I'm like Kolton, if we get a truck we won't even be able to afford a ladder haha.. but he is set on buying a new vehichle.  (we will see) (I'm SO glad we went with base housing and we were lucky to get a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have some pretty sweet calves haha jk but ya I was so sore the first week from running up and down the stairs.  It's a workout! But I'm excited to get everything up on the walls...this is a pretty lame pictures of the inside yet, but I will! Hopefully soon.  But all in all, I'm loving our new place, base, house and our new ward!  I don't like being so far away from our families it's wierd...But we are doing well and glad to be in Idaho.   

I can't believe Addison is already 4 months, she is so funny. 

She got a new toy, she loves it! Well I think she'll like it more when she is a lil taller ha


  1. how fun!! i cant wait to see pics of the inside! Im so jealous that the LEWIS fam gets to come and visit!!!

  2. Sarah I cannot believe that your little girl is 4 months. where has the time gone? i hope idaho is great for you guys. i wish you all the best. and you better post pictures of your house soon. i have been waiting to see them.