Tuesday, January 4, 2011

last weeks in Show Low..

So long sweet Show Low...almost
Wow! so Kolty has been home and it has been Heaven being able to be with him all day everyday and watch him with Addison.(well not all day, I'm not a psycho wife. I let him go play basketball and have manly time)haha but I am so blessed to have him as my husband and Father to our gorgeous little girl.  
It has been a magical Christmas season have my Kolton home and being able to spend time with both sides of the family, playing games, watching movies, and of course all the delicious Christmas goodies.  Addison's first Christmas was definitely filled with lots of love and kisses.

Sunday was a special day...my sis n law Kendyl's son Boston was blessed  by her husband John at 9am, Boston looked SO cute in his blessing outfit! 

ah...then later that day Addison was to be blessed in our ward in Linden at 11.  Kolton and I drove up to the Church building and saw Fire Trucks and all these firemen!  I was like what! Then everyone was telling us, Church is canceled.  Please can this not be happening! I was thinking to myself, my little girl is supposed to be blessed today.  So Kolty and I went in to talk to the Bishop to ask if we could have Addison blessed in the VanWinkle's ward considering we move this Saturday.  But the people were mistaken, Church was not canceled just the 2nd and 3rd block because there was a pipe that  broke and flooded the primary room.  (seriously what are the odds!?)We were able to have Testimony meeting and my amazing husband blessed our little Addie.  Kolton grabbed my hand and placed it on his chest before the blessing and wow, felt as if it was going to pop out of his chest!  But for as nervous as Kolton gets.  He is definitely in tune with the spirit and it was a beautiful blessing.  Of course I cried...ah man I don't know how I got him to marry me!  But I'm one lucky lady!  As for our little Addison, of course every Mom's nightmare is that their little one toots  in the microphone, or poops out of the diaper and ruin's the pretty dress they are in.  But I was surprised!  Addison slept like a little baby, literally.  They entire sacrament meeting(she never usually does that)  Oh she looked like a little Angel.  We took pictures of the little ones together (Boston J and Addison J)...

When you bless a baby they always do it on fast Sunday when everyone bares their testimony.  I wanted to, but I'm such a ball baby and with all of the people there I couldn't bring myself to do it.  I was planning on Relief Society to thank all the the sweet sisters in my ward who have been huge testimony builders.. I love all of the lesson's they give, the remarks that help change the way you think in a more positive way.  The testimonies shared, the how are you doings?, and when does your husband come, just to show they really do care.  ah 2 lesson's stick out  HUGE to me....one was when I was in the ward before I got married and when Kolty was gone to boot camp after we were married(the lesson's were a year apart)  Both on Temples, and Eternal Families.  It's seriously the MOST emotional lesson.  Not just for me either, it seems like for everyone.  I'm pretty sure everyone cried in both lessons.. Because we know how important the blessing from the Temple are.  We know we want our families to be together forever.  To think that members of our families aren't partaking of those blessing, is a painful and tearful thought.  We feel so blessed to know what we know and want to badly for our siblings and children to desire it for themselves. 
Ah! But anyways, I could go on and on.

But I do want the thank the sisters and even the brothers in my ward for all the advice,caring words, and good example while Kolton was gone.  The powerful lesson's have helped me to know what kind of Mother, Wife, sister and daughter I want to be.  I love the gospel so much, I know that it's the true Church.  I know Thomas S. Monson was called by our Heavenly Father to guide us in these latter days. I'm so grateful for the blessing of being able to be a Mother and for Kolton and me to be able to raise our daughter in the true Church.  We get to be a family again.  This time next week I will hopefully be organizing our new house!  We leave for Idaho on Saturday.  Mountain Home, Idaho here we come!  I look forward to meeting new friends and for Kolty and I to grow together even more.  I definitely don't want Addie to grow too fast.  But it's inevitable! ah...I'm going to miss my parents. both sides.....Don't have a clue what it's going to be like.  But I know I'm going to love having visitors! Going to miss my crazy Mom's amazing cooking, sewing and all the help.  It will be wierd not having my Dad get home from work an make goofy noises just to see Addison's smile, and giggle.  eek okay, it's officially too long for anyone to want to read it...

New Year's
I'm going to miss everyone!! ah Love all my siblings :)

Mom! he is eating my hand!
my cousin David and his son Carter :) he is such a gorgeous little boy!

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